Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Fanny's Fanny and Other Sketches!

A mixed bag of some recent art, starting off with me swiping a piece of art another artist drew of my character! I was dumbfounded when I stumbled upon Bobgar Ornelas' winsome rendition of the Phantom Jungle Girl online; I had to see if I could capture that subtle body language and carefree expression. I still like Bobgar's version better!

My swipe of Bobgar Ornelas' rendering of Fanny! I liked the body language so much, I had to see if I could capture it. But I still like his better!

Bobgar Ornela's original art! I love it so much.

Clarissa's legs are a bit too long here; more like a showgirl's (Ms. Megaton Man is only supposed to be about 5' 6"). Anyway, just a warm-up.

Clarissa is a bit too leggy in this one; she's shorter and stouter, but it's still a nice drawing, I think.
Simon Phloog (the Son of Megaton Man) and Gower Goose confront a Frog Girl on a floating disc; this was a sketch to help me visualize a scene and its characters that I am attempting to write in prose. More on that project another time!

Angelfrog menaces Simon Phloog and Gower Goose. Concept drawing for a story I'm currently writing.

Apropos of nothing, here is me at the easel at the 1993 San Diego Comicon, drawing Megaton Man and Fanny. I forget the occasion; presumably the piece was for a benefit auction. Who owns it now?!

Not a recent photo: Me drawing Megaton Man and the Phantom Jungle Girl at the 1993 San Diego Comicon.
Last but not least, I pay tribute to Whisper and Mars, two early 80s series that featured strong female leads! I got ahold of a few issues of each recently and used the inspiration as another warm-up!

Steve Grant and Rich Larson's Whisper, and Mark Wheatley and Marc Hempel's Mars.

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